Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Sale of the Grand Regency that Never Was!

Great Kenyans,
Isn't this very sad news that ACTUALLY there was no sale or rather the money from the sale of the Grand Regency actually disappeared?
  1. No payment was received after the sale to treasury.
  2. Kimunya was never cleared
NOW My president in his inaugural speech in 2002 promised that corruption was going to cease to be a way of life. Then his fortunes changed because this government NOW Drinks, sleeps corruption. How can the people stop stealing when no action is taken against those GRAND THIEVES?

Was grand regency a gift to the Libyans for the good work they did for Kibaki or what is this?
Most definitely this is a grave issue and we need answers ASAP!

Over to you Mr. Kibaki and Mr. Raila tell us what exactly happened here.

We need to hold our government accountable. This is the time.

Here is the Cockar report into the Grand Regency Sale for your information and action.


Subject: In the Public Interest Mars Group Kenya makes public the Cockar report into the Grand Regency sale

In view of the undisputed public interest in the circumstances surrounding the sale in April 2008 of the Grand Regency Hotel, and the subsequent Commission of Inquiry chaired by Hon. Justice (Rtd.) Abdul Majid Cockar which reported on November 24th 2008, Mars Group Kenya is making available for public scrutiny a copy of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry in to the Sale of the Grand Regency Hotel.  The Cockar Report was submitted to President Mwai Kibaki on 24th November 2008, but since then has not been made public despite it being a publicly funded and conducted inquiry into the disposal of an asset of the Kenyan people in very peculiar circumstances.

The Cockar Report makes damning findings regarding the conduct of high ranking public officers including the former Minister of Finance and the current Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya.  The Cockar Report "finds the entire transaction tainted with misrepresentation and deception to such an extent as to warrant specialised investigation by the Attorney General and other relevant institutions into the bona fides of the purchaser and other aspects of the transaction."  13 Months have now passed since the President received this report and no action has been taken against the public officers involved nor have the Attorney General and other investigative bodies taken any action to ascertain the bona fides of the purchaser.  Hence the decision to make this copy of the Cockar Report public today.

Read the full report here: http://www.facebook.com/l/fd6bc;blog.marsgroupkenya.org/?p=1747

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