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The 10 Investment Ideas that will create the next millions of Jobs

Ten Investment ideas that will create the next millions of Jobs

Emmanuel Dennis May 11th 2010


  1. Investment in Solar Energy

Organizing youth groups to create distribution networks for Solar Lamps in Rural Communities that do into have access to Electricity. Over 80% of rural Africa does not have access to Electricity. Off-grid communities can produce their own electricity through mini grids and are nearly self-sustaining.


  1. Investment in Eco Charcoal Production

Millions of homes around the world are dependent on wood fuel for their home and commercial use leading to depletion of the forest cover and leading to global warming. Production of Eco-Charcoal from dry agricultural biomass will help in saving forests and create millions of green Jobs for communities.


  1. Juice Extraction and Processing Plants

Thousands of communities have natural fruit plantations but they lack markets and technicalities for preserving and processing the produce. This investment will offer machines to extract juice and pulp from various fruits like pineapple, apples, oranges, Mangoes etc. These machines are easy to use as well as clean to maintain. It offers machines for making juice, pulp, paste, crushing fruits, homogenize etc. Millions of Rural Homes are able to invest in this system and create thousands of jobs. The same technology could be applied to agro-based business: e.g plant oil extraction for sale in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


  1. Brick making Technologies

Rural Development is on the increase with schools, homes, industries and many other construction projects going on everyday. This is a huge market especially in both rural and urban areas. The technology found in many of the communities is old and time consuming and at the same time very expensive. There is an increasing need for environmental friendly and energy efficient brick making kilns that groups can use to serve the ever increasing need for bricks. Customers will not only be able to obtain "fresh" bricks throughout the year but will also greatly contribute towards a cleaner environment and to the reduction of GHG, therefore slowing the global warming which is threatening our entire planet.


  1. Waste management.

A famous quote of waste is business. The waste human beings produce on daily basis is of immense proportions in size. The waste can be transformed into humongous employment opportunities for communities. From Recycling that transforms the products into usable devices, to producing human dependent commodities such as fertiliser, compressed gas and many more. We can have clean, healthy communities that are self sustaining through their own initiatives at local levels.




  1. ICT based business e.g making mobile applications

Young people are embracing ICT as their ''In-Thing'' Millions of the unemployed youth can tap into the ever growing and complex ICT based business.  Innovative mobile ICT services can work in employing the youth. Services like mobile tourist guides or shopping guides for consumers. To join the bandwagon, technology and service providers (contributors) combine their expertise and resources to design these services. This incorporates designing of several models: the value net (Value network), a Value proposition, a Revenue Model and a Technological architecture will revolutionize the world.


  1. On-farm and off-farm Technologies

Exploring agriculture extension services for bringing micro credit to help set up small enterprises, provide business development services. Working with rural banks (where they exist), micro credit institutions and cooperatives, and youth groups to set up agricultural credit schemes to help young people acquire livestock, equipment and other productive assets of their own. Developing community based entrepreneurial/enterprise development-based education programs for young women in rural areas through vocational training, integrating elements of micro-entrepreneurship in the curriculum


  1. Water and Sanitation Technolgies

Developing rain water-harvesting methods for communities to secure supplies and manage their own systems. Building and maintaining low cost toilets in the rural areas and tackle the sanitation needs of the people in the villages. Building and maintaining hand pumps to provide water supply to rural communities. Developing effective on-farm water technologies.


  1. Information Communication Technology

Developing "Youth in Business Centers" to help young men and women explore credit options and financial management programs and assist in marketing, product development and access to a wide array of books, manuals, videos and other materials related to starting and maintaining a small business. Developing web-based services such as website development assistance, e-marketing, and distance learning and on-line business development programs. Supporting agriculture though ICT tools.


  1. Entrepreneurship 101 Training for communities

For the ideas generated above, there needs a value chain for training, skills and technology transfer for communities to self sustain the technologies and enterprises. The Training program will integrate all components as explained and provide open source modules for replication.


This are my ten employment potential enterprises that should be presented as entrepreneurship based ventures for investment.


Emmanuel Dennis


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